18 Apr 2011

Coming back to London and Rome

11th of May.... I will arrive at Heathrow. I was trying to extend my VISA but my one year visa states that I have to leave after 6 months and then I can come back after 2 months so I decided to happily come back to Europe and enjoy the Italian and British summer.... can't wait to see you all.


11 Maggio, tornero' a Londra. Il mio visto di un anno prevede che dopo i 180 giorni consecutivi in India si deve uscire e si puo' rientrare solo dopo due mesi...e quindi torno felicemente in Europa per godermi l'estate italiana e inglese (se arrivera'). Non vedo l'ora di rivedervi tutti.

con affetto

13 Apr 2011

How I ended up in Omkareshwar

I have been asked many times in the last few months how I found out about Omkareshwar and the Ashram where I ended up staying for 4 months and since I just got an email from the person through whom I discovered this fantastic place, I thought I would tell you the story.

Some of you might recall that I was ready to move to Istanbul, Turkey to go teach there. For some reason though a little voice was telling me inside that it wasn't the right choice.... so I remember one morning waking up in my flat in London and deciding suddenly I should spend the next year in India instead. I decided right there that I should go volunteer and practise Kirtan like I had been wanting to for the last 3 years.
I started looking for places where I could volunteer as a teacher in India through the internet but with no luck as all these big organisations seem to charge lots of money to volunteers and you never know what it'll be like anyway. Then I suddenly decided to send a message to Narayani, an amazing Kirtan singer whose concerts I had seen in London various times (some of you might recall that I went to a kirtan concert on Valentine's day in 2010) and whose CD I was playing all the time in my flat.
I asked her if she knew a place in India where I could do meditation, kirtan AND volunteer as a teacher.... and she happened to know just the perfect place where you can do all of these. I had never received so much grace before and it just felt right since her reply. There I was in Omkareshwar a few weeks later.... and what a journey!
I am dedicating this post to Narayani, whose web page you can check following the link www.onebodyonesound.com  and whose second album has just come out and I am attaching below her invitation to celebrate it. Please do go and check it out if you have the chance as you will not regret it. She is great and her concerts have a great and relaxing atmosphere. Thank you again Narayani for giving me the chance to spend the last few months in one of the most magical places ever! I will keep all the sweet memories as my most precious treasure.

Kirtan, Voicework, Yoga 
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Dear Valentina,  

I am really excited to annouce that Maatri Sharanam, my new album is now available for sale and download from my website.

Visit www.onebodyonesound.com to listen to samples or to buy the album.

I will be launching the album on Saturday 16th April in London, full details are below. Do come along and enjoy a wonderful evening with myself, Lucy Crisfield and Tom Simenauer, the muscians who helped me create this album!

If you have preordered the album you will receive it this week. If you do not receive it please do contact me. 

Best wishes

07976 016 103

Kirtan Concert   
The Life Centre, Islington 

celebrating the launch of my album
 Maatri Sharanam  

Maatri Sharanam

Saturday April 16th  

joined by Lucy Crisfield & Tom Simenauer 

The Life Centre, Islington 
1 Britannia Row, London N1 8QH.  
Tel: 020 7704 0919       

Maatri Sharanam is Narayani's second album  featuring some of her most popular chants, including Sita Ram and Bolo Bolo Submilla Bolo. A combination of meditative and ecstatic chants inspired by traditional Kirtan, that have taken on a western twist authentic to Narayani's style and her own journey integrating the depth of  Eastern philosophy with a Western life!

Come and celebtrate with Narayani in this evening of meditative and ecstatic chants,  led by Narayani's deeply resonant voice. Sanskrit mantras are set to beautiful, yet simple, melodies. Kirtan (often called Bhajans) is an ancient and effective yogic practice of singing together to open the heart and connect to the self. The chants are easy to pick up and give a wonderful opportunity to discover the power of your own voice.

7 Apr 2011

4 Apr 2011

Recent travels

I'm in travel mode at the moment and starting to get nervous about having to leave India in a month. : ( Don't know what the reverse culture shock will be like. The positive thing is that it will be summer in Europe so at least I will not have to face the winter.
I'm in Delhi right now and my father is here. He will be here for a couple of weeks and we are heading towards north around the Himalayas. We're going to Agra the day after tomorrow to see the famous Taj Mahal, can't wait!
Below are some pics of the recent places I visited. One of them is Khajuraho, popular for it Kama Sutra carvings on amazing to say the least temples. Enjoy!

sunset in sanchi

sanchi stupa

the main buddhist stupa

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detail of one of the gates

stairway from the stupa down to the entrance

The lady in white

view of Khajuraho's temples


beautiful Orchha

6am sunrise at Orchha seen from the top of a rock

The brain tree or Lover's corner as called by the locals

Shooting of the australian movie Singularity

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kama sutra

more kama sutra

and again....

this is well known

warning:do not replicate this at work

same as above