21 Nov 2014

Ode to good old London

I left you a few years ago and never felt happier. I was tired of you, bored and disappointed perhaps. Too fast, too cold, wet, indifferent, distant. This is how you made me feel, or rather this is how I perceived you after too many years of hard work, long bus waits, wet cycling nights and rental flats. For three years I felt free and far from you, I felt happy. I never ever thought I would miss you and want to come back.... ah, how arrogant of me! 
You embraced me again last year, you welcomed me with open arms again like a mother does to a child who wants to run away and explore alone but then comes back with nostalgia.
And you welcomed my little prince, my little English man, who is now growing and loving London every day more and more. I can see it in his eyes, how curious he is every time we go out.... he looks at you and then smiles at me. We are happy and grateful. We both love you and thank you for this new experience.

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