25 May 2012


Here we go again,

thinking I would stay in India til June and possibly longer, I took a detour on my way up to Omkareshwar and went from Gokarna to Puttapharti, finally!
I met someone who was on his way there and since I was stuck with no train tickets or no quick way to go up north, I thought yeah! Surely I would find a quicker train from Puttaparthi to Khandwa, right?
No...I was wrong again. I need to remember to surrender every minute and sometimes or actually very often I still forget and try to plan. Stop planning! my mind is still in office mode sometimes and my organisational and planning skills are hard to die.
Anyway, spent about 10 days I think in Sai Baba's Ashram with Giuliano, also from Italy, a devotee since a long time. I tried to get a ticket from there to Khandwa for 3 consecutive days. This means I waited in line at the station from 6am til 8,30am only to hear that there were no emergency tickets, let alone normal tickets. The thing is that with my non tourist visa I couldn't even get tourist fare.
I then completely let go and decided there must be something for me there and there must be a good reason why I wasn't able to make a move.
The ashram completely took me inside. Some days I couldn't even speak and just kept on giving myself reiki.
Then one day my father called and said I shoudl go back to Italy for my brother's graduation. Weirdly enough I had just looked at changing my ticket to surprise them all and just show up on the day of graduation, but it was way too expensive to change my ticket so I had given up immediately. Then my father insisted and got me a new ticket.... and that's when I realised why I hadn't been able to leave that place! So I went from Puttapharti to Chennai (where it all started 4 months ago--same airport I got to from Indore at the end of Dec for my Yoga Teacher Training) and then a long journey started. From Chennai I flew to Sri Lanka, where I waited the whole night til the next morning, then took a flight to MIilan and then after a few hours to Rome.
I spent the night at my father's place so that no one else knew I was there. I quickly dyed my hair with henna and tried the different sarees I had bought for the occasion. My father helped me and we were both going crazy with these 6 meters fabrics, so colourful and beautiful but so complicated.
Needless to say that when I showed up at the graduation the next day my mother almost had a heart attack! And it was sooooo nice to hug my brother on his graduation day. I was so happy to be there with everyone.
Here are some pictures

So as you can guess, I am now in Italy... after India and after London for 2 wks.  More posts to follow on my next project.
The bottom line of this post is that as long as I keep accepting whatever comes and happens I am peaceful and happy. Long gone are the days in which I would try to fight change of plans, because I discovered everything happens for a specific reason and even when it might not seem it's all for the best, it is in the long run. So all I have to do now is wait and see what happens! Plain simple.

Jai Ma Jai Ma Jai Ma
Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram

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