18 May 2012

Let go

Let go has always been a big issue for me. And that's why I keep on being tested time after time, ruthlessly.
I need to let go of my attachments and slowly but surely I am improving. It's just that there are quite a few attachments still and sometimes it feels like neverending.
Today I need to let go of my adorable plants. They have been with me for many years, they have seen many houses I have lived in, some of them have gone ill and then come back to life, they have seen my happiest moments and also the saddest. They waited for me for the last two years, while I was in India they stayed here in London and grew even more beautiful. They welcomed me again a few days ago and they let me take care of them as if I had never left.
I am enjoying my days with them this week but as I get closer to my departure again I can't help feeling sad. They are alive and they always fascinate me. They are so strong, I envy them.
Plants for me are another reminder of how powerful nature is and how weak we are.
I would like to introduce them here.






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