2 Jan 2013

India 2013 OM OM OM

India again. Seems like yesterday when I arrived the first time and thought I was only taking a few months break from London. Here I am, my 3rd winter in Mother India and still enjoying every single flavour of it. This time it's even more special as I am here with my partner, with whom I am sharing  beautiful moments since this summer. Bless the Italian summer that brought such a sweet and unexpected gift.
We had problems with visas in Rome and our applications got rejected so we flew to Sri Lanka and got our 6 months visas there AND we discovered a beautiful island which we will go back to many many times!

We are now in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu and have just finished our Reiki initations. Raffaele and I found a very good Indian teacher who initiated him to level 1 and gave me level 2 as a continuation to last year. Now we can practise on each other and I can also do distance healing.... so anyone who feels like having a distance treatment just let me know and we'll arrange a time. Let's Reiki!

I wish all of you a happy new year and hope to write this blog more often from now on.

Also, my new yoga retreats dates for 2013 are on my website. I will also organise a retreat in Crete, Greece in an AMAZING place where you feel like you are in India (the place is owned by a very sweet Dutch man who lived in India for 25 years, so he's done the whole place up as if he were in India). Please check it out on my website and send any friends who might be interested in my retreats  www.yogawithbharti.com


Valentina Bharti

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