31 Jan 2013

Sand flies---BEWARE!

So, it all went smoothly (well, India smooth that is) until we flew to Delhi, where I was supposed to work as an English teacher for a few months.
It was over 30 celsius in the south and when we got to Delhi it was minus many degrees...and we were wearing sandals and summer clothes. Ehm, yes it was freezing, more than freezing. My brain was frozen for the first two days but the worst thing was that I had a high temperature straight away and breathing problems.
Anyway, I spent the week-end trying to adapt to our flat provided by the school and looking for winter clothes.
I managed to teach 2 classes on Monday, during which I really struggled as my temperature was way too high and neither the school nor the flat had any sort of heating.
The next day I decided to go to the Doctor's. My new boss sent me to a hospital nearby and they took me to the emergency room where they kept me for half a day, injecting all sorts of medicine into my body and doing some blood tests. At one point I even fainted and can't remember anything.
Anyhow, I was sent home and was told to rest for a week and take medicine (antibiotics, which I HATE).
Five days after I was worse and my temperature had gone higher....up to 43 celsius! We decided to move out of the freezer flat and find a warmer room in a hotel, with the hope that I would feel better.
We stepped into the hotel and I started feeling even worse so we jumped into a taxi headed to another hospital. We left all our luggage in the hotel and actually paid for 4 nights.
When I got to the hospital I was not conscious but Raffaele says they put me on this bed and took me to the emergency room where loads of doctors asked him a million questions about my condition and stuff. I only remember voices and a light but to be honest I felt like I was not in this physical world. It's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me. I was not in my body anymore and I felt very peaceful but at the same time I wanted to stand up and explain to everyone my symptoms. I just couldn't, I could not move and I could not breathe.
I was hospitalised for a whole week. They put an introvenus into my arm and some tubes up in my nose so that I could breathe. They did so many blood tests, they just tested everything they possibly could (luckily I was in a private hospital, kind of like in an American movie, very very good one) and after one day they decided to put me into intensive care unit. Now, this was BAD. I could not even leave the bed to go to the toilet...I had to do everything while in bed in front of the nurses.
My condition improved and my temperature eventually started going down. I felt empty, no energy, no vital force, no life anywhere in my body. Being in hospital is the worst experience ever I think and for someone who never ever takes medicine it's even worse. I felt my whole body was poisoned and for the first time I really understood and experienced what all the spiritual books say about not being your body. I really felt my body was separate from my soul, it was just another entity and to be honest I didn't even care if it would just finish because I didn't feel it was mine anyway.
A friend of mine defined this a sort of spiritual awakening. I still don't know what exactly it was but I have been somewhat different since.
In the very end, I was dismissed as there was no more water in my lungs and I could breathe again and my temperature had gone and stayed down.
After a VERY high bill, unluckily for me as this year I decided to come here with no insurance, I got out of the hospital and felt like it was the first day of my life.
I am fine now, still getting better slowly and trying to re gain all the kilos I lost. I am grateful I got over that virus (which in the end it turned out I got through a sand fly bite on the beach in Sri Lanka!!!) and I am grateful I had my boyfriend with me, taking care of me all the time and keeping in touch with my family. Lucky girl. : )
Below some recent photos from Pushkar, where we are now. Very charismatic place, although too touristy for us but we have managed to find a quiet (Indian quiet) guest house with a great roof top from which you can just enjoy beautiful views on the lake.
Love and light to everyone. Om shanti

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